Support Policy

MyBB Themes will not support, nor sell to sites engaged in illegal activity. These include, but are not limited to sites where the content is related to, and promotes: pornography, software hacking & copyright infringement.

In order to enforce this policy, every account application is subject to review. Only email addresses from verifiable domains will be approved. Therefore accounts with gmail, hotmail etc. addresses won't be approved.

Our policy is on a per user basis, regardless of whether the support is intended for another acceptable site operated by the user.

Coyright Notice

Copyright notice is required to be displayed at all times. If we determine that a domain has removed the notice, we will revoke our license, and the site/siteowner will no longer be elligible for support.

Purchasing copyright notice removal only allows the site to remove the visual branding from the theme. It does not transfer ownership at all. Purchasing copyright removal does not entitle the siteowner to redistribute the Theme, nor use it as a base for other projects, with the intention to redistribute it. Copyright removal needs to be purchased on a per domain basis.

What does Support Include?

Support includes fixing errors as it pertains to a stock implementation of the Theme on a stock installation of MyBB. Valid license holders and subscription members will also receive updates and improvements made to the Theme.

What does Support not Include?

Support does not include attending to errors resulting from the end users' customisation of the Theme, or the end users' customisation of his/her's installation of MyBB.

Support also does not include coaching, with regard to technologies such as HTML, CSS, etc.